Twitter Introduces Conversational Ad Units


LifetimeTweetMock“We are thrilled to join forces with Twitter as a partner to launch the conversational video tool for the upcoming premiere of our new series, ‘Pitch Slapped’ on January 5th. The Tweet features voting buttons encouraging fans to engage with our creative and is a perfect match for this campaign.”
Marissa Vinciguerra, Director of Social Strategy for Lifetime


Twitter introduced Conversational Ad Units that allow users to engage with Tweets to start a conversation with a hashtag and participate in conversations real-time. The conversation that is Tweeted is posted to the followers’ user account with a brand message that lets the followers of the engaged audience view the brand conversation. The audiences who engage  will receive a message from the advertiser with a link to the brand site. The conversations on Twitter allow users to follow brand conversations and at the same time allow advertisers to post brand content in the users’ followers native feed. This gives brands free earned media with the messages that are posted for free in the Twitter users follower feed. The amplification of messaging that brands earn through posting of the messages to followers native feed earns brands free ad impressions and makes for a more acceptable advertising experience, with over 20 percent users reportedly using Ad Blockers.




Brand Messaging Amplification and Consumer Activation

Twitter in partnership with The Advertising Research Foundation, FOX and DB5, conducted a study called “Discovering the Value of Earned Audiences — How Twitter Expressions Activate Consumers”, and found that Twitter Users take action linked to the Brand Conversation on and off account. Brands posting to users account followers earn media impressions that often lead to consumer actions, with as high as 54 percent on average taking actions after exposure to Brand Earned Media. With Brands posting directly to users account as high as 45 percent reportedly take action, while 63 percent take action if the post is from non-brand sources.

Earned media



Five Ways For Advertisers To Use Twitter’s Conversational Ad Units

Advertisers that are looking at building a real-time engagement with audiences can use Twitter Conversational Ad units with hashtags that let users participate in the conversation surrounding a topic or an event. A good example will be the use of hashtags to let audiences vote for their favorite teams. As revealed by “Discovering The Value of Earned Audiences Study”, Brands can achieve a better ROI  by joining forces with publishers as higher actions are reported from non-brand source Tweets.

Advertisers can also use Twitter Conversational Ad units for voting in a Co-created Consumer contest that allows audiences to choose the theme that they would choose to co-create for.

Advertisers looking at engaging audiences with an influencer campaign,  can use conversational ad units to encourage participation from Twitter user’ followers.

Advertisers can make a customized packaging offer for users who prefer a certain style over another.

Advertisers can promote a certain type of reward  and allow users to prefer one reward over another with a choice of Hashtag.


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