Key Insights For Valentine’s Day Campaign

According to Harris Poll, among 2,232 U.S. adults surveyed online between January 14 and 19, 2015, flowers come in as the No. 1 gift women would most like to receive for Valentine’s Day, and men appear up to the task as it is also the No. 1 gift they’re likely to give. Candy is the featured Gift that women would like to give and men are equally receptive of the same. According to Bing Ads Insights, the desire to invest in love is on the rise – in the US, Valentine’s Day saw a total spend of USD 18.9 billion in 2015, a 10 percent increase from 2014.

The study, sponsored by performance analytics specialist SOASTA, found one in five Millennial men say that dating apps like Tinder will be critical to their Valentine’s Day plans.

More than one in three 35 percent planned to use their smartphone or tablet to play music using apps like Spotify and Pandora and nearly a third 32 percent planned to use picture sharing apps like Instagram and SnapChat. Messaging Apps like Facebook Messenger have added newer features such as Photo Magic and Graphics that enhance the conversation.

E-cards at 13 percent, buying movie tickets at 11 percent, playing games at 10 percent, dating at 6 percent are some of the other activities, according to SOASTA study, published in Feb 2015.

Bing Ads that reaches 53 M additional searchers for Valentine Day’s gifts for retail category, has shared specific insights that let you target audience for devices and time of day they are most likely to be searching for your products. Mobile makes for 32 percent of searches in the category.


The most searched for category is Jewelry followed by Gift cards, flowers, Valentine Cards, Chocolate and candy. Total retail searches for Valentine’s are at 687 Million and Top Ten searches for Gifts account for 32 percent of search volume, of which Gift cards search contributes to 16 percent of the top ten search volume. Search volume starts trending up from last week of January. The Click through rate increases closer to the day making it important for advertisers to use bid modifiers for maximizing clicks. For different categories the rate of increase in clicks differs.







For details on Time of Day for clicks and CTR to optimize your campaigns, Bing Ads Insights, has details on the fourth largest spending holiday of the year.