Act Like It From Budweiser

Budweiser’s teaser commercial for Super Bowl 50 features a video of a Clydesdale persuading a man to buy Budweiser for Playoffs, with a Voice-over where the horse persuades the shopper to buy Budweiser and an annotation, “It’s the Super Bowl, Act Like It”. The video creative for the spot #ActLikeIt appears to be similar to Super Bowl XLIX spot with #BestBuds, except here the Clydesdale is urging the shopper verbally rather than non-verbal cues. The commercial is visually gripping  with the presence of a horse in a store and takes on the viewer’s imagination when the horse compliments the shopper as a parting remark in place of neighing on his choice of beer.

The video on Twitter Timeline has a different creative with the Beer and Burger replacing a cocktail. The campaign on Social Media channels is targeted at fans reminding them about the right way to prep themselves for Game Day.

Budweiser’s commercial for Super Bowl XLIX, played on an unusual friendship of the Clydesdale and dog.  The Budweiser Super Bowl 2015 Ad titled “Lost Dog” continues the story between the friendship of a little puppy and a Clydesdale.

Anheuser-Busch’s advertising featuring Clydesdale, symbolic for unusual strength builds on the brand story where a Clydesdale driven beer wagon marks an important event. The Brand Story features an event in the marketing history of Budweiser when, on April 7, 1933, August A. Busch, Jr. and Adolphus Busch III surprised their father, August A. Busch, Sr., with the gift of a six-horse Clydesdale hitch. Another six-horse driven wagon was driven by Billy Wales to The Empire State Building,  New York City, and a case of Beer was presented to the Former Governor Alfred E. Smith. To find out other interesting facts, click here.