Facebook Launches Facebook Sports Stadium

Facebook launched a new experience Facebook Sports Stadium for ardent sports fans to follow their favorite sport play-by-play, with expert comments. The experience is now available for iPhone users in the US. The experience has been designed to update users with the game unfolding real-time. With Facebook Sports users can follow social media conversation, related videos and at the same time be in the know about where the game can be viewed on TV. Live scores and  play-by-play footage is available for the games with posts and updates on the News Feed, allowing for content amplification. The experience showcases posts from friends and comments from experts.


Users can get to the Facebook Sports experience by searching for the game, and Facebook is rolling out the experience globally for different sports, with newer ways to experience the sport.

“We think this complements the sporting experience,” says product manager Steve Kafka. “It helps people build followings and get a wider audience. All the content already is on Facebook. They don’t need to seek this out, we are taking folks connected with the game —€” from the league, the teams, journalists —€” and we put all that content and analysis in one place, and users can follow it during the game.”

As reported by Fox Sports, Facebook Sports Stadium features a live score and game clock at the very top of the page. Under the scoreboard are four tabs: Matchup, Friends, Experts and Stats.

“Matchup” provides a quick summary of what’s happening in the game, with a scoring summary and the most recent plays. Users can like, comment and share every play. There also is a “Live” indicator at the top where videos are uploaded about the game.

“Friends” is a feed of what users’ Facebook friends are saying about the game. “Experts” features commentary from verified pages, including journalists, athletes and celebrities talking about the game.

Next up for Facebook Sports Stadium after the conference championships and Super Bowl will be basketball, although Reed and Kafka weren’t providing details yet. A good guess would be March Madness.