Colonel Sanders Spins KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken For Game Day

KFC launched the Nashville Hot Chicken variant nationwide at 4300 KFC locations, after a  test in Pittsburg , with the original authority on Chicken, Colonel Sanders endorsing the flavor. According to Kevin Hochman, KFC US Chief Marketing Officer, “We tested it in Pittsburgh and they loved it. OK, none of this makes sense, but I can promise you KFC Nashville Hot will make perfect sense for your taste buds. The spicy, smoky, crispy flavor is literally like no other spicy chicken you have ever tried.”

The USD 5.49 individual meal, is available as Chicken tenders with pickles or as Chicken on bone, complete with KFC signature biscuit and Coleslaw. Nashville Hot contains the perfect blend of spicy cayenne and smoky paprika and is crowned with pickle chips—the ideal sidekick.  Nashville Chicken famous for its spicy red crumbs, makes for a Perfect addition to any party fare. According to the press release, Nashville Hot will be available in an 8-pc chicken Meal & 12-piece Tenders Meal which come with 2 large sides, pickles, and 4 biscuits. For bigger orders, Nashville Hot will be available in a 24-piece Tender Platter.

Promoting the KFC Nashville flavor for Super Bowl,  KFC has positioned the product as an appropriate Game Day party option. The online video adverts featuring Colonel Sanders play on the ease of getting Nashville Flavored chicken at every location while touting about the heritage.

KFC has launched the campaign on Social Media building on Colonel Sanders road trip featuring a KFC Food Truck tour to sample the new flavor at  locations across eight states which started on January 7th in Nashville Village, Ohio, and ended January 20th in Nashville Town, North Carolina.

The online advertising banks on humor to engage audiences. The video advertising features Colonel Sanders talking about the quest for the chicken recipe adding to the KFC Brand Storytelling approach.