Butterfinger’s Big Game Ad Teaser Promises Bolder Adventure

Butterfinger’s Crispety, Crunchety and Chocolatey experience is “Bolder than Bold” for Super Bowl 50. The teaser ad shows motorcyclist veering through the maze of piranha-bots featuring Billy Eichner, for an ad spot to be aired live during the Third quarter of the Big game on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb 7, 2016.

Nestle Butterfinger’s return as an advertiser for Super Bowl and the ad spot was earlier announced in a 12,000 feet jump that was Live streamed by a professional Sky Diver via Periscope.

According to Nestle USA, During the Big Game, Butterfinger will take viewers to new, never-before-seen levels of boldness in a uniquely-Butterfinger way when it debuts its new 30-second ad. The spot will be created by Santo and directed by Armando Bo, co-writer of the Academy Award-winning film Birdman.

“I’m a huge sports fan so when I was given the opportunity to direct Butterfinger’s Big Game ad, I was instantly drawn to the project. The combination of such an iconic brand and a commercial for advertising’s biggest stage made this such an exciting spot to direct. Bringing Butterfinger’s Bolder than Bold essence to life was an unbelievably fun experience, and I think everyone will be excited and surprised by what they get to see on game day,” said director Bo.


Nestle Butterfinger, in a build up to the big game hit the streets of New York with Terrell Owens, a former NFL Wide Receiver and Billy on the Street host Billy Eichner for the play-offs,asked people to show off their boldest end-zone celebrations in exchange for a Butterfinger. As a Super Bowl campaign, Nestle Butterfinger announced a cover of USD 50,000 for excessive celebration fines.

According to AdWeek, Butterfinger doesn’t believe players can ever celebrate “excessively” after scoring a touchdown, Kristen Mandel, Butterfinger brand manager, said in a statement. “For us, the bolder the celebration, the better.” In an earlier statement Kristen Mandel, promised Butterfinger advertising will deliver on bolder messaging that will make audiences laugh, “Butterfinger delivers a truly bold trifecta – a bold yellow wrapper, a bold brand personality and a bold, gets-stuck-in-your-teeth eating experience. Butterfinger has always strived to live life to the fullest — full of laughs and not taking itself too seriously.”