Key Advertising Insights For Super Bowl Viewer Engagement

Twittertv ViewersSuper Bowl was one of the most viewed and Tweeted about events for 2015, breaking records for a single most viewed event. According to WSJ, “A record 114.4 million people watched the New England Patriots defeat the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Sunday, the largest audience for a U.S. television program in history.”

Nielsen has recently announced Nielsen Social ratings, that will include Facebook Social Media conversations. This new rating will become Nielsen’s “Social Content Ratings.”


Watching TV Is A Social Experience

Watching TV combined with multi-screening is now a social experience with viewers turning to social networks to discuss the programming with friends and families. As high as 21 percent email or text friends about the program, 16 percent share photos and 13 percent read conversations about the program and 8 percent of smartphone users watch the program because of something on social media. As high as 6 percent of smartphone users write blurbs on the programs.



Social Networks Are The New Conversation Hub

The water-cooler effect that has long been associated with ad linked conversations has transcended  over to the social networks with 156 Million US adults reached during Q3 2015, on Smartphones alone. According to Nielsen’s Comparable Metrics report, “156 million adult consumers engaged in social networking on a smartphone alone. That’s about 65 percent of the U.S. population! That’s also a 13 percent increase in adult users from the comparable week a year ago. On tablets, social networking platforms reach about 58 million U.S. adults weekly—nearly a quarter of American adults”. With high reach and the conversation thread easy to follow on Social Networks, Social Networks are the new hub for viewer engagement, content amplification and building brand buzz.

Social Networks Build On Emotive Power


According to Nielsen’s, What’s Next Emotions Give Lift To Advertising Report, Advertisers can expect a monumental shift in results from the ads that connect with audiences emotionally.

Emotionally Evocative content for campaigns brings greater shares and content amplification, generating increased engagement among target audiences. Engaging audiences with emotional advertising during Super Bowl 2015 brought positive brand buzz lift according to Networked Insights. BrandWatch analyzed the cost per mention for Super Bowl advertisers and the cost per mention was seen to be most efficient for brand advertising that audiences emotionally connected with.


According to a study, for 100 recent ads across 25 brands in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, ads that performed at above-average scores generated a 23 percent lift in sales. Another research from Nielsen shows that higher level of engagement with users for emotions, memorability and attention is correlated with Twitter TV Activity, based on Twitter TV rating a Social media measurement tool from Nielsen Social.

















Social Media Leads To Content Discovery

Research on consumer media habits has shown that more social actions lead to higher  TV Rating, indicating that use of Influencers  can get your brand content for the Program discovered on social media.