Airbnb Personalizes Refer-A-Friend Program


Airbnb’s Refer-A-Friend program is a seamless reward program that goes on to reward the referrer and the friend with an easy to navigate experience. What makes the refer-a-friend program unique is the ease of use and the ability to see your credits at a glance. The program that is personalized and rewards both the referrer and the friend, is easy to share across social networks. The marketing for the program is done with emails and in-app messaging, sent directly to the users.


In the spirit of delivering one of a kind travel experiences, Airbnb has launched a concept, “Netflix and Chill” that lets customers unwind in a unique way. As reported by The Forbes, Tom Galle and his crew at internet-art company ART404, the “Netflix & Chill Room” in New York City combines a digital projector, a well-stocked minibar, and a heavily Netflix-themed bed for an immersive evening for two.

Airbnb’s  Apple Watch app is yet another way the hospitality brand aims to create a seamless experience for travelers. The Apple Watch app features Airbnb messaging, which is frequently used between hosts and guests before, during, or after a stay, and provides another reliable, efficient way to offer hospitality throughout a trip. Working in tandem with Airbnb’s current integration in Passbook for Apple Watch, hosts and travelers can use the Airbnb app to interact with one another without interruption. “Airbnb is about more than just a place to lay your head, it is about providing a great experience during your whole trip, and the Apple Watch is the perfect way for Airbnb to stay with you wherever you are,” said Alex Schleifer, Head of Design, Airbnb. “Our hosts want to deliver personal hospitality to every guest, and messaging through Airbnb for Apple Watch app is one of the first and fastest ways they can create a long-lasting connection.”

If Style is your play, Airbnb has got you covered.