Big Game, The Social Buzz Plus The Esurance Sweepstakes

Social buzzAs the Super Bowl 50 Sunday draws near, the social media mentions for brands and the ads are trending with users actively engaging with Tweets and posts on Facebook and Instagram. According to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Big Game Social tracker, Hyundai is leading as the top mentioned brand with nearly 18000 mentions. Among the most mentioned terms for Super Bowl Ads,are Genesis, Skittles, Coca-Cola, Kevin and among tags are #sb50 and #giveadamn.socialads


Esurance is present on Twitter promising prizes up to USD 1,000,000. According to the Esurance blog, ” On Sunday, approximately 10 minutes before kickoff, we’ll get things rolling by introducing the Pass It On Sweepstakes. Then, during every commercial break throughout the big game, we’ll post #EsuranceSweepstakes Tweets. Fans can pass them on with a Retweet to be entered for a chance to win. Each quarter, several lucky winners will be selected to win $50,000 each.

And here’s the really cool part: using smart technology and real-time marketing, we’ll award some prizes LIVE during the game. It’s a very modern (and very exciting) way of passing on money to our winners — something that, to our knowledge, has never been done before!

As an added bonus for us, each Tweet will be snackable content, helping tell the story of who we are and how we use technology and modern-world thinking to help make insurance quicker, simpler, and more efficient.”