Buick Cascada’s Game Day Commercial


Buick Cascada’s Game Day Commercial titled “The Big Game Meets The Big Day” successfully creates hype for the Buick Cascada convertible. The spot opens on the wedding scene with the bouquet toss and the  guests diving and jumping on the bouquet of flowers. The car featured in the spot is a convertible and after Emily snags the bouquet and the guests exclaim, the bride and groom drive off leaving the guests gasping that the convertible is a Buick.  The commercial features Odell Beckham, Jr. of the New York Giants and actress Emily Ratajkowski. The duo is at a wedding where Emily catches the bride’s bouquet in Odell’s signature one-handed style. The groomsmen remark, “She Odelled it!” A jealous Odell claims that Emily was out-of-bounds just before he catches the bouquet himself – tossed to him by a triumphant Emily.

The brand advertisement during the Super Bowl is an attempt to position Buick as the Car for the younger audiences with the voice-over, “Yes it’s Buick”.