Taco Bell Reveals Quesalupa On Super Bowl Sunday

Taco Bell revealed the mystery product on Super Bowl Sunday, with a commercial that positions Taco Bell’s Quesalupa as “Bigger Than Everything”.

After a string of teasers featuring a green brick that was a mystery package to be revealed on Super Bowl Sunday, Taco bell started a pre-order frenzy for the new Quesalupa calling it the pre-order bash. The Quesalupa commercial montage has catchy tunes with rhyming verse that make for light-hearted advertising.

The phased launch created an audience engagement for the new product right from the first press release.

The reviews for the new product can be viewed online on YouTube.

Taco Bell tested the product on Toledo, OH prior to the launch. According to sources, The quesalupa ($2.99) will be on the menu at Taco Bells nationwide starting Monday.