Fabulous Five – Tackling The Brand Content Challenge

Brand Marketers often find it challenging to create content that engages audience effortlessly. With the mobile being the preferred device for social media networks, your content needs to be present where your audience is most likely to connect with your brand.

Here are five approaches that are working on a consistent basis.

Brand Messaging With Appeal

Hershey’s updates recipes for an occasion with a messaging that has an emotional appeal The posts are in an engaging video or post format with recipes that are easy to do. The content is presented in a user-friendly format that viewers can see in a stress free manner.

HUGS & KISSES and cake – now that’s love. Show them you care!‪#‎ValentinesDay‬ http://bit.ly/1Nep4Ii


Make your message explicit with the key emotional reasons, users are likely to engage with the content.

Present your content so that the users can view it anywhere.

For DIY content usefulness of content is key and requires brands to be ready with recipe ideas that do not make the consumers go the extra Mile.

Include a link for the idea, DIY content or a brand experience.

Define the Segment and Expertise that the content is targeted at. In the recipe Hershey’s mentions the time taken for the preparation as well as who the intended audience is.

Serial Storytelling

Taco Bell for the launch of Quesalupa during the Super Bowl Sunday went with a content marketing approach that made the launch seem inescapable. With three teasers for the launch of the product and press releases that made you wonder instantly what the mysterious product could be about, Taco Bell successfully generated buzz with content that was told in a series.


Go beyond messaging, perpetuate your message through the content ecosystem.

Contextual Messaging

Papa John’s went with a content strategy where social media posts that engaged fans real-time with a Fan Sweepstakes contest giving away prizes as the game played live On Screen.


Content with a context is important to gain the audience’s attention for real-time engagement.

Emotional Connect

Starbucks spins a new way to connect emotionally with consumers for every possible occasion. With content for new products, rewards and offers, the content appears refreshing and appealing.

According to a review on Business Insider, The molten chocolate latte is made with melted chocolate chips, espresso, steamed milk, and bittersweet mocha syrup. It tastes like a regular cafe mocha, but with extra dark chocolate. The flavor is available in three varieties: a latte, a frappuccino, and a hot chocolate. The frappuccino iteration consists of coffee with mocha syrup and chocolate chips blended with milk and ice. It’s very sweet, and the crushed chocolate chips add a rich texture to the drink. And the molten hot chocolate has bittersweet mocha syrup and chocolate chips that are melted into steamed milk. This has a slightly bitter taste for hot chocolate, and has a richer flavor than the other two drinks. It tastes the most like deep, dark chocolate — a big plus for serious chocolate lovers.

With the new products, Starbucks has effectively gained the chocolate aficionados attention. With content that plays on the Chocolatey flavor, Starbucks has a new tribute for the valentine’s celebrations.


Content that plays on a theme or product attribute that strengthens the emotional connect with your brand appears credible and is likely to be shared.

Rewards and Offers Led Content

Esurance created significant buzz and hype for Super Bowl 50 Sweepstakes with a contest design that built on the social media action of Retweeting to amplify the content.


Pay attention to the Call To Action in your Social Media posts.