Five Ways To Design Posts For Digital Buyer Journey

PathtopurchaseAchieving your campaign goals through the buyer journey, can prove to be a big winner, if your programs build in the right messaging at each stage of buyer journey.

For Digital campaigns where the advertising and social media engagement relies on Social Media posts, here are the five winning ways that you can draw on for creating spectacular social media posts, that can get your campaigns discovered.

As the digital buyer journey  focuses on use of mobile for store locations, product reviews and seeking product information with video being the preferred format, marketers targeting audiences on the go need to pay attention to interaction points for the Omni Channel buyer. Here are Five Ways you Can hone your Digital Marketing Strategy with Social Media posts.

Campaign Discovery 

Announce the launch with teasers and a countdown.  After a buzzed about launch for Quesalupa, Taco Bell posted on Facebook, a post that introduced Quesalupa, and an Instagram post featuring the product. Simple as it sounds, it is important to close the loop with what the product is all about. Highlight any key product features that you wish to highlight. As ads are viewed across devices and channel, Social Media posts prove an effective way for audiences to discover your products on the go.

Product Imagery and Visual Content

Make your campaigns visually engaging with products that audiences are likely to prefer in a context. With consistent visual messaging, and products that make audiences connect with your brand, your Campaigns and Content are likely to be more preferred and be seen as a welcome intrusion.


Layer Your Content

As important as it is to know the stage of your buyer journey, it is equally important to layer your content for consumer engagement and discovery. Mrs. Field’s Facebook post with a simple Valentine’s messaging leads to the brand site where the users can browse through gifts that are available from the Gift Guide or explore the Valentine’s Day Online Catalog – that is bound to be a treat for any Gift Shopper.



Create Signature Posts

Nordstrom has shared Gift cards link on Facebook with a different brand treatment from the one on Instagram. Customize your style to the social media channel.

Content For Different Segments

As engaging as it is to use different product features for product advertising to target audiences, campaigns that target different segments for ab occasion can get better response for your campaigns.