Instagram Introduces New Brand Discovery Tool

An all new Brand discovery tool on Instagram, allows users to browse linked Instagram accounts, from the Instagram feed. The tool works in a similar manner as the mentions, however, has a greater clickability as the link appears on the image. The concept is very similar to the Pop Up Shops that are seen in the brick and mortar retail environment. Instagram has recently added Video View Count.

For retail business, Pop Up Shops are estimated to be big business and according to an estimate shared by Shopify, Pop Up Shops account for USD 8 Billion of retail sales in the US Market. Instagram has now introduced a concept similar to Pop Up Shops. The Instagram Posts are now clickable with links to the brand’s Instagram account. The new User Experience has been designed for the Mobile Shopper, making it easier for the user to browse through the feed and click directly for the merchandise that the user likes. The Pop Up concept makes the experience user-friendly while making for a seamless buyer journey.

In the post shared by Forever 21 the user can click to The Fashion Sight Instagram account from the tab on the image by clicking on the post. The tab appears on the Left Hand Side that the user can click on and head over to the pop up shop instagram account to see more details about the coat.

In the Top Shop post for Sweet Pea and Pearl, the user can browse back to the Top Shop account and shop directly from the Top Shop bio link to ClickShop.
In the links featured by the Fashion Sight the user can view the linked accounts and follow conversations for two or more linked accounts.

Net-A-Porter has featured Opening Ceremony.

Key Takeaways For Marketers

Brands can build and link  conversations that will get more users within the Brand’s eco system engaged.

Your Brand Content is likely to have more shares as users for other accounts will discover your content.

Pop Up Instagram accounts can engage audiences with different interests and often act as a way of generating incremental traffic. For brands linking to accounts that are from diverse verticals can bring in audiences other than brand loyalists.

By featuring products in context that they are most likely to be looking for, is likely to increase Brand favorability, bringing in  a higher promoter score for your brand.

Given that mobile audiences look at approx. 11 pieces of content before arriving at a purchase decision, pop-up instagram accounts can navigate the user journey giving Brands an opportunity to build preference with positive influence and engagement.