Hershey’s Picture Perfect Moments Win At The Oscars Buzz

TwitteroscarsThe Academy Awards ceremony at Oscars beat the highest Tweets per minute record with 440,000 Tweets per minute going out per minute after Leonardo Di Caprio’s first win for the Best Actor. According to the Twitter Advertising Blog, Leonardo DiCaprio’s (@LeoDiCaprio) win for Best Actor generated more than 440,000 Tweets per minute, the most-Tweeted minute of an Oscars telecast ever, beating the previous record of 255,000 Tweets per minute, set when @TheEllenShow Tweeted this star-studded selfie.

Hershey’s used the Oscars moment to promote one brand campaign that it has launched recently to bring all products under one umbrella brand, with the conversation that can be followed at #HelloHappy.

Hershey’s has earlier launched a campaign that builds on moments that emotionally connect audiences, with the range of Hershey’s products. Taking further the research insight of Hershey’s products are a “spark to this whole massive world of amazing memories” Hershey’s tapped on the Oscars to emotionally engage audiences with their picture perfect moments.

Hershey’s challenge is not creating awareness, it is “building meaning and relevance,” as told by Ms. Lewis to AdAge. The campaign seeks to link the products with consumer memories like stirring up a glass of chocolate milk with grandma.

The Oscars conversation on Social networks ranged from the perfect red carpet looks and the winners.

Publisher posts engaging audiences with Oscars conversation  provide recap of the Oscars ceremony with the looks that defined the Red Carpet look and famous quotes.