Taco Bell Introduces Morning Value Menu At $1

TBmenuTaco Bell is pitching a choice of 10 products, with the Breakfast for a  Dollar “Morning Value” menu. “While dollar menus disappear across America, Taco Bell is continuing to reinvent breakfast with delicious and unique menu items only Taco Bell can provide, with 10 items for $1 each,” said Marisa Thalberg, the company’s chief marketing officer, in a statement.

The new items include the Mini Skillet Bowl, Bacon Breakfast Soft Taco, Sausage Breakfast Soft Taco, and Sausage Flatbread Quesadilla.

According to The Wall street Journal, Breakfast introduced in 2014, contributes to 6 percent of all restaurant sales for Taco Bell. According to restaurant consultancy Technomic Inc., consumers spend an average of USD 11.70 per visit on away-from-home breakfast during the week, compared with USD 13.90 on weekends, when breakfast is more of a destination. In markets where Taco Bell tested the value menu, the $1 price point was found to be a traffic driver, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

The Breakfast menu at USD 1  offering a choice at a convenient price point.

As seen for All Day Breakfast from McDonald’s the sales increase came from customers that increased the order size with breakfast menu items that were available through out the day. Rolled out nationally in October 2015, All Day Breakfast, helped McDonald’s increase sales at U.S. restaurants, by 5.7 percent in the quarter ending Dec 31, 2015.

McDonald’s has earlier introduced McPick 2, where customers can get two items for USD 2.

McDonald’s is also testing Protein Breakfast options in Southern California, priced at USD 3.99 each, giving consumers the choice of healthy breakfast.

Joining the race for getting Breakfast right, Dunkin’ Donuts introduced GranDDe Burrito priced at USD 3.99 that is available through the day as a breakfast option in both a Sausage and Veggie version. According to Brand Eating, the GranDDe Burrito is available for a limited time.