Ten Tactics To Promote Your Brand For St. Patrick’s Day


1. Share Tweets with Images and links to exclusive Content


Announce your sales, Previews and discounts with exclusive posts and Tweets well in time. Encourage audiences to review and order online .

This could be a post with your product images with a trending Hashtag #StPatricksDay. Encourage audiences to RT, favorite or follow for creating greater engagement and brand affinity.

 Some great tips for creating stunning visuals and posts for Social Networks can be found on www.louisem.com

2. Stay tuned-in with your Audiences

Pay attention to the posts and Tweets that are increasing engagement. The content that gets more engagement is what your audience wants more of and it makes sense to promote similar offers and content. One of the most popular ways to promote is the third-party market places.

Create content promoting the same with appropriate links and product description. Amazon third-party market place gives you ratings and time-bound offers. Google Express gives the Product description and price.







3. User Generated Content for Holiday Content Showcase

Create campaigns and contests that encourage users to share content with  a product Showcase.




4. Brand Story with Holiday Contest

If you have a Brand Story that ties in with the theme a contest can humanize your brand with celebratory moments. Hyperlapse is an excellent tool to build on any existing footage that you have for your brand.



5. Create suitable cover pages

You can publicize your Brand Contest and Content in Social with an appropriate cover photo that builds on your Brand Story or Campaign Idea with Facebook Cover photo and Twitter Profile.

6. Facebook Product Ads

Facebook Product Ads are an excellent way to promote your St. Patrick’s day merchandise.

7. Create a Social Network Content Checklist to ensure that you have all networks promoting the campaign.

8. Plan your Social Media Marketing with advanced tools that help you understand trends for cross-promoting campaigns as well as response for different campaigns and post according to your Content Marketing Plan.

9. Do not ignore Messaging Apps as they are a great way to personalize messaging and humanize your brands.

10. Reach Out to Other Participants

This could prove effective in promoting your  offers with customers who are most likely to engage with your Brand. For details on how you can engage others, here are the Shindigz Top Place to Party for St. Patrick’s Day.

Here are some engaging promotional posts with  ideas that can bring about audience engagement.