Tips For Making Your Content Hop This Easter

Here are some Tips for increasing engagement for Easter, with Content that will leap and amplify your content on Social Networks.


Create a seasonal guide for the most sought after Brunch ideas as can be seen from Betty Crocker’s Guide to Brunch.The guide has some surprises that are likely to be welcomed by the audience such as “Cake For Breakfast” and 12 spring desserts.


Offer a chance for your customers to share what they would like to see or know from you. In an example from Today Food’s post, on Facebook, the fans are required to share their favorite restaurant dish that they would like to know a recipe for. Taking the content marketing idea a step forward Brands can create conversations for winning seasonal recipe that are not very obvious.

Create unique recipe ideas and titles with the Easter theme that will engage customers within a context.


Create a Newest Recipes section for your returning audience.


Create the unique proposition that your brand has for the audience as seen in the case of McCormick’s Tips on painting eggs.



Publish a recipe that is not very common and can be used within the context, such as Mini Cupcakes, with a link to the recipe in your bio or post.

Engage audiences with ideas and recipes that can be done within a duration. Sort your ideas to highlight the prep time and skill level for audiences to know if the same is achievable for them. a good example is Red Velvet Fudge that lets users know the Prep time is only 10 mins.


Walmart has increased engagement with Creative ideas for Cakes that are unique for Easter.


Share ideas for giving Easter Treats such as Bunny Boxes from Tesco.

Publish an exclusive Easter Content Roster or schedule where you release Easter Exclusive campaign on a daily basis leading to the Easter.


Partner with Brands and publishers that audiences are likely to be searching for in the contextual theme. A good example is a content banner on Walmart with recipes that feature the advertised brands such as M&Ms surprise Easter Cake.


Introduce new packs and products that are right for Easter with a Social Media post.

Include Easter theme in your brand campaign in your social media post as can be seen from Hershey’s post for Easter with the campaign #HelloHappy.

Engage audiences by choosing their favorites for Easter, among all the characters that make Easter fun.