Seven Ways To Basket The Easter Content

Brand Content that evokes an emotion with your audience, is most likely to be shared. Brand campaigns that visually engage audiences are seen to resonate better on social networks. Here are seven ways to make your campaigns work in achieving your brand goals.

Create a campaign that requires audiences to interact with Emojis for your brand. Create  Tweets with the emoji that remind audiences about all that symbolizes Easter such as the bunny Ears.

Share DIY tips for Easter decor as can be seen from Kohl’s tweet about folding napkins with Bunny ears.


Create a digital experience with Easter theme as can be seen from My M&M’s that lets you create a seasonal pack, with a special offer.


Walmart has launched a special edition of helpful hacks that has handy tips for getting Easter preparations in order in a short time. With the video creative on YouTube that links to DIY ideas for Easter, Walmart offers a full spectrum content experience.

Highlight any unique products and How-To video content with appropriate tags and Keywords, such as Easter, Haul and Product reviews for audiences to discover the content.


Design your social media posts with creative that cues the celebrations within a context such as an Easter basket or bunny ears.

Start an Easter photo contest, inviting users to share their images with your product. Apparel brands can invite users to dress up in their favorite Easter costume. Home Decor brands can create a contest to share images of Easter brunch table decor with their family. To engage users for your brand you could create DIY contest where users are required to share images of your product with an Easter theme.
Morrison’s Florist Egg hunt asks users to look for a hidden egg among the baskets that are featured in a Tweet.