Optimizing Rewards Strategy For Omnichannel

According to an ecommerce study  among 3000 customers, Omnichannel retail is defining all stages of the buyer journey. The key findings of the study indicate:

Consumers are loyal to a brand that offers them a preferred way of fulfillment. Building your rewards strategy with offers for different shipping and fulfillment options can help brands retain and acquire customers. Walgreens has designed offers such as free in-store pick up within an hour to boost loyalty. One in Ten consumers also expect to pick up their purchases within an hour. Rewarding customers for different shipping and fulfillment options can bring newer customers. If your brand delivers or ships direct to customers, you can offer freebies such as Annual shipping waiver above a certain order size.



Consumers also look forward to flexible payment options, in addition to in-store pick up.Building a rewards strategy that gives customers options to pay on flexible terms as well as in-store pick up will help build a loyal customer base. Customizing your rewards for Order ahead and pay later or Reserve and Pick Up in-store will help retailers capture the interest of consumers who like to shop with the reassurance of easy repayments and in-store pick up.
Though as high as 33 percent consumers buy from retailers that offer in-store pick up, they like to buy online and have goods shipped to their address, making it important for retailers to build in shipping costs in the order value. Aeropastle offers coupons for free shipping on an Order Value of more than USD 100.


As most consumers research online, prior to any purchase, promoting rewards for options such as mobile app, can boost online discovery. Create offers that audiences are likely to respond to such as accelerated reward points on sign-up or purchases made for a limited time.


Existing rewards programs can be customized for promoting a certain shopping behavior for Omnichannel retail. Amazon offers Free 30 Day trial for Amazon Prime members with 2 day Free shipping on over 20 Million Items and access to Prime Video.