Content Marketing Tactics That Move The Needle

Brands view Content Marketing as a priority for Digital, as it engages audiences beyond discovery and increases the conversion rate, as can be seen from Adobe SEM benchmark performance where Click through rate for Mobile and Desktop has increased over the last year. While search marketing Click Through Rate was higher, Social Media interaction rate was lower across verticals except Media and entertainment as per the ADI Best Of The Best benchmark for Top Quintile advertisers in Search and Social Media.


Retail was one of the Verticals where Facebook delivered a better than average performance. For Marketers prioritizing content marketing, a review of post types and formats that drive results is imperative, to get the best results from their advertising spend. Facebook

According to OneSpot, Brands may prefer re-engagement as the tactic that works better creating repeat visitors and generating referrals.


For retargeting or planning content for new audience. here are some content marketing tactics that will leapfrog your content from being ordinary to fabulous.



Use A Popular Saying 

Today’s Food Facebook post for Oreo’s introduction of Strawberry Shortcake flavor, uses and evocative line about audience’s love for Oreo with a caption ” Oh Oreo. we love you just the way you are. you don’t need fancy flavors to win our hearts”. Social Media post content has a similar appeal as the creative messaging that often becomes popular as it resonates with a larger audience.

As the movie quotes work well with message recall, the images have the same effect with imagery that resonates with the audience with the memorability of a popular scene.

Give Audiences A Chance To Feel Special

Featuring a preview of a limited time flavor in your post makes audiences feel special and forges an emotional bond with your fans and social media followers.

The posts from Ben & Jerry’s gives customers a chance to choose the flavor on free cone day. By making the audience feel special, with a free cone offer, Ben & Jerry’s has successfully built an affinity with the audience as a brand that has introduced new flavors and has now provided a chance to sample one of the flavors. With an engaged social media audience, posts on social networks remind audiences about all that s new from their favorite brands.



Create Product Introduction  Posts

Starbucks tweets and posts new product introductions, engaging the Twitter followers. Social networks are the way the audience and customers alike choose to find expressions in their every day lives. promoting your collections and products on social networks works best for re engagement. Customers looking for new ways to find value or choose the best way to express themselves turn to social networks, making them ideal for any brand or publisher to connect and engage the followers.

Brand Resonance With a Context Increases Engagement

Posts that center around a context helps brands create resonance and reach a wider audience as the users are likely to engage with the topic of interest. Including interest tags gets your content discovered with users interacting with offers that they find useful.

Enliven Brand Mascots and Spokesperson On Social Media

KFC has enlivened Col. Sanders with  advertising where Col. Sanders is a comeback hero making it possible for customers to enjoy their favorite chicken in newer ways. Using Col. Sanders as the brand spokesperson. KFC has created social media posts that take customers and fans through a virtual journey of  different montages as Col. Sanders introduces new offers, contests and takes part in national events. As simple as it sounds the social media posts go a long way in creating an emotional connect where audiences are more likely to return for newer posts featuring Colonel Sanders.