McDonald’s Sweepstakes With A Hundred Million Prizes

MonopolyPeel and Play offers hundred million food and cash prizes, from Medium Fries to 1 Million Dollars with 2016  Money Monopoly Game. McDonald’s earlier ran a Sweepstakes contest with a chance to win USD 500,000 every week and the Tickets to an NFL game and cash. McDonald’s money monopoly game has a mobile first approach with a focus on app only reward of USD 50,000. All through the contest period from March 29 to April 25 in-restaurant, and Online from March 29 till May 9 , the participants can win an instant prize by peeling the game piece or collect and win for each property as per the monopoly rules on


With a one in four chance of winning the game focuses on the App with a chance to win USD 50,000 in cash prizes. The game requires users to find the missing online puzzle pieces to win an instant prize or a cash prize with Collect and win option.

McDonald’s  introduced McPick menu that is a value meal option for a  limited time only offering customers more flexibility.