Best Practices For Video On Instagram

The number of interactions for Intsgram Video nearly doubled, as reported by ShareableeIt has more than doubled total interactions (pre-launch: 2Billion vs. post-launch+ 4.6Billion) and increased audience interaction on video posts by 90 percent (across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Whether you repurpose your video content or regram the content of others , video is a significant and growing way to engage the audience.

Here are some Best Practices for Video on Instagram.

Behind the Scenes

Give a glimpse to your audience for what’s in store for them. This can be done by creating trailers of Behind The Scene events.

Create A Celebrations Countdown

If you are celebrating a milestone for your brand you can create a countdown for the celebrations.

Unified Content

Instagram adds to your Brand Storytelling. Use a creative approach that is consistent with your brand image.

Optimize Visuals

Instagram offer 15 seconds of Video play allowing your brand to be creative with shots and execution that are unique to mobile formats.

Content Discovery

Use Hashtags for content discovery and promote your video across networks.

Filters and Effects

Enhance your imagery with visual effects.