Digital Video Advertising Trends

TVmobileeMarketer estimates US digital video advertising spend will increase to USD 9.84 billion in 2016, a 28.5 percent change from the previous year. The growth is likely to continue with Digital Video ad spend projected to increase to USD 11.72 billion in 2017 and USD 16.69 billion by 2020.

As per the research conducted by eMarketer, advertisers continue to see a shift in marketing dollar towards Mobile and Desktop advertising, though as high as 60 percent of campaigns utilize cross-device targeting, including connected TVs.


According to Videology’s US video Market at a Glance, the key trends defining video advertising spend are:

TV Viewing accounted for 11 percent of Campaign targeting as that enables advertisers to achieve their campaign objectives with technology that allows for audience behavior across devices, adding reach to their linear TV advertising. Addressable advertising helps advertisers reach audiences at scale with a brand experience that is customized based on the viewers choice. Advertisers can optimize ads based on the choice of content and advertising.


Viewability is the most common advertising objective. View Through rates and Click Through rates are the other common video advertising campaign measurement objectives.




An aggregate of 45 percent more campaigns utilized connected TV and cross-device behavior as compared to Q1 2015. Mobile advertising in itself grew by 50 percent.


TV and devices

The most popular ad duration is 30 second ad spot followed by 15 second.


Nearly 96 percent of programmatic campaigns were bought with a Guaranteed CPM.