Google Launches Allo and Home

Google significantly upgraded Google Now with a helper called Google Assistant. Google’s Assistant is now more intelligent, with search results that are customized for natural language queries and search results that are built around searchers intent. As explained by Time,

Google Assistant understands language more naturally than standard Google voice search. For example, if a user asks who directed the film The Revenant, that person can follow-up with a query like “Show me his awards.” The user doesn’t have to say the director’s name to get the correct answer.

Rather than just showing movie times when asking what’s playing tonight, Google Assistant can suggest movies and ask if the user would like to purchase tickets.


Google Home is a virtual assistant for your Home with a speaker that integrates with Virtual Assistant. Google Home will be available through Third Party Apps.


Allo is a Text Messaging app that allows users to make intelligent conversations with friends by taking help from Google’s recommendations in a chat. Google’s Allo also sends messages based on the conversation.