Mobile Advertising Growth Accelerates

mediatimeMobile Advertising is projected to increase by 66 percent as per the KPCB Internet Trends Report. eCommerce as a percentage of Total Retail sales continues to grow making for a 12 percent share of retail sales. Mobile advertising presents the greatest opportunity for advertisers.

Snapchat’s Daily Video Views are at 10 Billion per day, as per the Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends Report. Taco Bell’s Cinco De Mayo Lens garnered over 224 Million views on Snapchat. Facebook tops the Digital Audience penetration with over 1000 Minutes per visitor in a month for the US market. Facebook owned properties including the messaging apps  lead in share of photos and make for 60 percent of visual sharing on social networks.



SCL snapchatphotos

Mobile continues to present the greatest advertising opportunity. Advertising expenditure on Internet continues to ramp up, projected to grow at 20 percent over the next year on account of Mobile advertising growth at 66 percent. The Voice Assistant usage continues to increase with 65 percent Smartphone owners using Digital Voice Assistants with as high as 32 percent quoting product discovery as the primary reason for using voice assistants. As high as 22 percent of search queries on Voice Assistants are with a local intent.


Voice Assistant Usage Increased by 9 Percent with 65 percent of Smartphone owners using Voice Assistants and location continues to be the  driving criteria for voice search queries.
searchqueryvoice VA


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Millennials and Gen Zers vary in their use of technology and overall approach where Gen Zers prefer to communicate with images. Targeting users with campaigns that use Digital Interaction and unique social network features can create the right audience engagement.

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