Ten Trendy Ways To Promote Your Brand On National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Prime your content for Discovery, by including information on products that is most likely to resonate with your audience.

Send out an email to your fans and followers with a map that features locations where they are most likely to get their favorite  Chocolate Ice Cream brand at your stores.



Promote your brand with an Ice Cream Sundae Challenge. Here is a video featuring Hershey’s Syrup in an Ice Cream Challenge. For National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, brands can create a stir with unique ingredients such as mints and berries.

Start with a Video featuring Home made Ice Cream. The video can be featured on the brand site along with a caption the recipe contest.


Curate your existing How To content for recipes and products as can be seen from Ice cream sandwich cake made with Oreo’s.

Oreoicecream dipped cale

Include Nutrition information in your content to increase the likelihood of the content being featured in search for the calorie conscious target audience.


Write a Long Form blog post featuring numerous ways to enjoy ice cream such as S’mores Chocolate Ice Cream cake or S’mores ice cream sandwiches and other unique chocolate ice cream recipes or a post introducing new flavors.


Launch a User Generated contest featuring Favorite recipes shared by fans made with your products.


Launch an offer for your audience that resonates with the theme of National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. An example from Avon illustrates the celebrations for National Donut Day with a Free Shipping Offer.


Create a celebratory social media post that features your brand and promote it with an influencer.


Share an Infographic with facts and stories that are likely to entertain and engage your audiences.