Native Social Key For Driving Location-Based Targeting Ad Revenues

Location-Based Targeting Revenues for mobile are likely to grow  to USD 29.5 billion in 2020 in the next four years up from USD 9.8 billion last year, with Native Social driving the revenue growth.

Native Social is defined as graphical and textual brand messaging that is merged into the organic feed-based interfaces of mobile social apps. With CTA buttons appearing in Native Social Advertising such as the Facebook News Feed and other advertising features such as Location Ads in Search Advertising, Location based ad targeting is likely to increase from 39 percent of mobile ad revenues to 41 percent of Mobile Ad Revenues in 2020. The advertising formats that will see the most significant increase for Native Social and Search Ads are driven by the Call-To-Action for offline purchases. Native Social with Location Based Targeting makes the biggest impact for Direct response Advertising that requires an Offline action. With offline making for the most consumer spend, Location Based targeting presents a revenue growth opportunity for brands.