Four Exciting Ways To Get Creative With Your Fourth of July Campaigns

Fourth of July content with an emotional appeal powers brand connect with the audience across target audiences.

Influencer Posts

Brand campaigns that focus on evoking emotion can generate a unique bond increasing emotional engagement for your brand within a context. Using Influencer Posts to enhance the brand storytelling increases the engagement . A commercial that tells a unique story highlighting your brand’s value in customers’ lives can create a bond and using influencers can amplify the message. Duracell’s commercial “The Teddy Bear” shows the power of harnessing special events for building trust in the brand with the portrayal of real life situation and pledging a sum of USD 100,000 for the USO’s Comfort Crew.


Publish Visual Posts as Style Guides

Create Visual posts that act as a Style Guide or a look book for the target audience to help them with the Independence day celebrations as can be seen from the Teen Vogue’s post “What to Wear”.

Food Network’s post on America’s Favorite Fourth of July Desserts features a visual gallery on different ways to create winning recipes. The recipes can be viewed from the link and the viewers can see all recipes at a go in the gallery.



Video Posts With DIY Decor and Recipe Ideas 

Share Home Decor and Recipe Ideas with Video posts as can be seen from the Videos posted by Country Chic and Weelicious. Making the video personalized with Tips and recipe ideas that are unique make for an engaging content.



Promote Your Offers With A Photo Contest


Encourage participation in a photo contest by inviting fans to show their patriotic spirit with photos with prizes for the best entries. User generated content can increase the conversion rate by over 5X. To know more about increasing Engagement with User Generated Content, click here.