Barbecues, Cookouts and Travel Top The List for Independence Day Celebrations

With the onset of Summer, more Americans plan to celebrate the Independence day with a Cookout, Barbecue or a  Picnic. As per the NRF survey, an estimated 214 million people plan to celebrate the holiday, which will result an expected total spending of USD 6.8 billion, up 1.4 percent from last year.


As many as two-thirds of the Americans are planning to celebrate the long weekend by attending a Barbecue or a picnic. The overall spend is expected to be the same per consumer, however more Americans are expected to join the celebrations. Fireworks and Travel are the second and third most preferred way to celebrate.  The long weekend has been reported by the survey, conducted among 6811 consumers in the first week of June, as a popular time for travel and vacations with 12.7 percent, or 31 million, saying they will head out-of-town.

Here’s How You Can  Optimize Your Content by promoting within the context of Independence Day Celebrations where consumers are more likely to be looking for things to do, buy and share with their friends.

Awareness Campaigns For Products

As high as two-thirds of Americans are going to be looking forward to celebrate with a picnic, cookout or a barbecue. Getting your campaign ready for products that are relevant with a creative that resonates is most likely to be noticed.

Content For Recipes

Go with DIY content that is unique and at the same time relevant. Promote your recipes with visuals that communicate your content  idea.

Cookouts Sideishes

Promote your Products with a contest

Mama Jo Homestyle Pies’ patriotic pie can be pre-ordered and the offer is promoted for customers to plan their cookouts and celebrations. Preordering and planning contests around the products that are seasonal creates timely engagement and brings in more loyal customers.


Share Ideas and Tips For Reaching Diverse Audience Personas


Plan your content around making your consumers feel special by sharing ideas and tips for the celebrations. From DIY ideas and places that consumers can travel to creates for an engaged audience. Brands using context can reach audiences with diverse personas.