Facebook Events Curates The Cool Stuff For iOS

facebook-events-todayFacebook has rolled out a new feature for iOS app , currently available  for Ten Cities in the US, with events that are trending including a curated list of the cool stuff for diverse topics, over and above the feature “Popular With Friends”.

Facebook Events is popular with Facebook users with as high as 550 Million people using Facebook Events each month. Now Facebook has introduced a curated list which will allow users to see the popular events around them.




As per the TechCrunch update, Facebook Events List goes live in 10 US Cities for iOS users. Facebook curators will generate lists for  the top art, entertainment, family, festival, fitness, food & drink, learning, community, music and sports events. The cities where the app is being rolled out are Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington, D.C

Facebook features “Popular with friends”  based on the algorithmic feed of the user data. With human created Lists, Facebook’s curated lists  events work for users with Geo-location focus, that are likely to engage mobile audiences to learn more about events that are trending. The curated lists feature is likely to engage users with what’s trending around them or places that they are likely to visit rather than only the personalized News Feed, engaging users based on their interests. As opposed to the algorithmic feed this gives more room for the users to get a real-life perspective as opposed to the News Feed based algorithmic suggestions. The human curation gives greater room for users to chooses events and places based on the choice of the users who are not necessarily on the users social graph.

Brands that are serious about engaging event goers can feature the offers and products in the Users News Feed  with co-promotions. Here are some ways for Brands to increase the engagement using the featured events.

Celebrity Posts that mention your event or brand at the event.


Create a  post for the event with directions to the event and promote the post with audiences based on the interest.

Use Native Ads with links to the Brand site on the events site, for popular events.


Include your Brand’s Logos in the co-hosted events post.

Brand Content within the context of the event or interest that resonates with your target audience is most likely to be featured in the user’s News Feed.