The Secret Potion For Boosting Your Campaign ROI

Sprite known for music and thirst quenching launched Obey Your Verse Campaign, as a sequel to Obey Your Thirst Campaign. The new campaign is set to lyrical songs that feature new artists and emcees Missy, J. Cole and 2Pac. The campaign has generated high positive sentiment with lyrics and artists that makes for an engaging brand content.

The commercial is set to a young man’s visit to corner store where he opens the cooler to a remix with the popular lyrics. The commercial spot plays on the music craze from popular artists with a social media campaigns that brings forth the influence of artists with their fans.

#ObeyYourVerse campaign features different 16 different lyrics from three artists. Collecting the lyrics on your mobile, can earn your rewards. Earning rewards is easy, as users need to collect the 16 different images of lyrics featured on Sprite cans and 20 Oz bottles to start earning rewards. The rewards program engages users with catchy verses and lyrics without making any purchases. The rewards link to sweepstakes that can earn you free Groceries for a year to a GoPro Hero 4 Silver.




Increase The Viral Impact

As high as 70 percent of the engagement for the campaign is on Twitter with Retweets being majority of the Twitter engagement. More than 5 Million impressions can be linked to social media sites reaching over 1.8 Million users.

With content that has a viral impacts Brands are known to boost ROI by over 2000 percent.


Your Content And Campaign Messaging Evokes An Emotion

The campaign sentiment evaluated as positive or negative is at 95 percent as per the Keyhole calculation that is calculated as percentage of positive over positive and negative.



Create content for your campaign on social networks where your users are most engaged on. The reach increases the engagement with your target audience. use of influencers and User Generated Content brings in better results with higher conversion rate.

Brand Content that goes viral is known to perform on Valence, Arousal and Dominance implying that messaging and content that brings about an emotional response is most likely to be amplified. According to the VAD framework, Valence defines the positive or negative feelings with arousal seen to be ranging from excitement to relaxation, and Dominance ranging from being in control to submission.

While Data Driven approach increases campaign performance for Brand Metrics with Digital Marketing, creating Brand Content that is likely to be shared and amplified increases the campaign ROI.


The emotions for the campaigns are linked to the relaxation and emotions associated with the music that can range from excitement to relaxation. According to a HBR study, the emotions associated with brand content impacts the amplification of message. Most campaigns that go viral are known to score high on emotional valence that can range from excitement to sadness.

Brands with Music themed campaigns strike a chord with different target audience segments inspiring emotions that range from audiences identifying with the artists to plain entertainment with music being one of the key mobile activities.




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