Four Ways to Boost Content Reach On Facebook

Facebook reaches 210 Million Visitors, according to a comScore report, placing it after Google sites for reach among all Digital Media for the US Online Audience. According to Nielsen Total Audience Report, TV and Radio continue to reach the highest number of US adults with Mobile  being the largest reach device among new technologies.




With the change in Facebook News Feed algorithm,  the organic reach for content with posts from Publishers and pages will require a rethink , given that Facebook features stories from Friends and Family above the publisher posts and stories.

Though TV continues to reach the highest number of viewers, according to Pew Research, social media sites are the go-to source for  News with Facebook being the leading site.

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For brands and publishers, increasing reach for their posts requires content that engages the audience, for the publisher stories to appear in the users News feed. Here are four ways publishers and brands can increase the organic reach for their content.

Facebook Live Video Performs Better

Facebook Live Video is known to deliver better views for celebrities in comparison with other Media Firms live Video posts or all video posts for celebrities. This makes for an exclusive opportunity for pages and publishers to look for co-branding and co-publishing opportunities with Celebrities that are available in the Live Video space on Facebook that can help them increase reach with the target audiences.


Entertain with Your Facebook Video Content 

With Facebook changing the news feed algorithm to emphasize the content from friends and Family, publishers need to rethink the content strategy to engage and connect with their fans to increase the engagement. With as high as 42 percent users choosing to watch video on Facebook for News publishers looking for increasing reach with the target audience on Facebook need to rethink the content strategy. Video Content from sites such as Tasty and Nifty with how-to’s and Tasty is popular for usefulness, content from traditional publishers that gets viewed is for entertainment. Brand Content that is seen as entertaining is most viewed on Social Networks.




Cross-promote Stories From Other Networks

Instagram tops the list of social channels for Visual engagement. Given that as high as 28 percent of TV audience is looking for information on their favorite celebrities, It’s important for brands and publishers to engage audience on the network of choice, and promote the stories on Facebook.


Instagram has proven effective for engagement with Celebrities. Co-publishing Video and promoting Video with Celebrity accounts can increase the reach for brands and publishers. Promoting Video with a context can increase the impact of your campaign and content on Facebook.

Facebook Slide show launched recently can help publishers engage users with UGC with a contest that requires them to share a collection of images or share stories that feature content from other popular networks.

User Generated Content on Facebook

UGC makes for 50 percent of the Facebook Video content. Using content and format that focuses on the users can increase engagement and reach for brands and publishers.



Brands and Publishers that respond to UGC are likely to take the lead for organic reach and engagement.