Four Amazing Facts About Digital Advertising



Increasing Your Advertising Spend On Mobile  and Digital Video matters for Your Brand as per the NCS study of 1400  ad campaigns from 450 CPG brands. Mobile performs best for bringing in Incremental Sales per thousand impressions. For Brands looking at increasing sales , the dollar impact per thousand impressions for Mobile and Digital Video is higher than the Dollar Impact brought in by reach calculated as “Incremental Sales Per Reached HH”.


Sales per HH

For awareness campaigns and new launches,  Linear TV outperforms other media. The metric of Incremental Sales Per HH reached is highest for Linear TV followed by Magazines, Mobile and Digital Video. This does not imply that Mobile or Digital Video cannot be used for awareness campaigns. The key takeaway here is TV brings in best results by way Of Incremental Sales campaigns where the goal is Target Audience Reach.


Advertisers can choose media depending on metrics that are most important for them depending on the campaign goals. For brands that are looking at maximizing returns from a campaign, where the budget is limited, a campaign that focuses on Native advertising online on Magazine sites is likely to perform the best. This also implies that increasing impressions with the target audience will bring in a better return in place of increasing reach for your campaigns.

Metrics that were used are defined by removing the bias of creative and media costs.


Marquee Brands perform better for ROAS and Incremental Sales per reached Household in comparison with Medium brands, making Brand Salience as one of the more important Brand Metrics for Marketers. Viewability has a strong correlation with Purchase Intent and Sales Uplift as measured by comScore.