Alexa Reveals Exclusives For Amazon’s Prime Day

Amazon’s Prime Day for Amazon Prime subscribers – a subscription service that comes with a free 30 Day Trial, changes the game with a two-hour delivery promise for the Amazon Prime subscribers on the Prime Day. Amazon has Countdown Deals that are featured on, however Alexa, the virtual assistant available on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Tap, has exclusives that are going to be revealed a few days prior to the event.

Here’s a little ditty from Alexa on Amazon Prime Day, “Tell secrets I cannot, but since you ask, this hint is what I’ve got. On July 8, early birds get their meal, so ask me then, and I will reveal some deals.”



Amazon’s Content and campaign for Prime Day engages audiences with a commercial that builds on the retailer’s location-based offers, where audiences are engaged with a slew of content, targeting audiences with Contests, Sweepstakes, Video advertising and Social Media Posts. Amazon has already started offering “Prime Day Countdown Deals“. With the Deals locator users can locate countdown deals on offer based on target location. The Amazon app has regular updates on deals that are going to be available.


Amazon’s audience engagement is centered around offering a Preview of tracks that are available for Amazon Prime Music and a photo contest that requires users to upload a photo with no purchase necessary. Amazon’s social media strategy centers around engaging users with a poll for Prime day.





Amazon’s Prime Day Product Deals are available with Countdown deals that are announced on Every day. According to a CNet update, Amazon plans to offer Alexa Powered Specials for Prime Day that makes Virtual Assistant as a Must have for scoring on the Prime Day.

Amazon’s engagement for Prime Day centered around deals on offer has  generated over 24 Million impressions, with being the lead source of traffic.