Key Trends In Mobile Advertising

The Key findings from a Mobile Advertising research published by Smaato analyzing over 300 billion impressions for 450 publishing partners, in Q1 2016, showed that Mobile Advertising grew at 89 percent across all regions year over year.

Video Advertising gives the best returns for publishers with growth in Video eCPM being higher by 11 times compared to the image and text ads. The growth in Mobile Advertising revenue on an eCPM basis is the highest for Music Content genre followed by other content genres.


Mobile Advertising has over-indexed for growth in all categories including Music that makes for 59 percent of Mobile advertising revenue. Arts and Entertainment app  makes for nearly half of Global ad spend for the apps.


Music makes for a lion’s share of advertising revenue among other related content pertaining to the arts and entertainment category. Advertising revenue from Celebrity Gossip and Humor linked content contributes to nearly one-fifth of the Mobile Advertising revenue. Among different genres, celebrity gossip was seen popular with younger audiences, while books and literature appeals to a more mature audience.



Mobile Advertising presents a wide growth opportunity with 25 percent of the time spent on Mobile where as Mobile advertising is only at 12 percent of advertising budgets.


Larger Ad sizes make for the best revenue generators with eCPMs for interstitials being at almost three times the eCPM for banner ads. Publishers working with larger ad sized and newer formats for engaging experiences are likely to see better response and view rates.

The Ad sizes popularity varies for different operating systems. For iOS  leaderboard is the most popular ad format, followed by Medium Rectangle. For Android the most popular ad size is Interstitial followed by Medium rectangle.