The Anatomy Of Back To School Shopping

According to research from NRF and Deloitte, Back To School Shoppers plan to start shopping earlier and Apparel and Electronics are the key shopping categories. The NRF survey estimates total Back To School spending of USD 75.8 billion in 2016. The key shopping destinations are Discount Stores followed by Department stores, while online is the preferred Go-To source for shopping of electronic gadgets and shopping research, with a surge of 30 percent in Online Shopping over last year. Online retailers who offer Free Shipping are preferred by Online Shoppers, according to a survey conducted by Deloitte.

Social Media advertising serves as the primary source of information for users who use social media sites for Back To School shopping.


Shoppers for electronics and electronic gadgets are likely to begin the shopping earlier, while apparel shoppers are likely to complete their purchases later.


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With insights that show the users are increasingly looking for information on their mobile devices, adding location to your campaigns can increase the ROI for your campaigns. 4 in 5 consumers want ads customized to their city, zip code or immediate surroundings.

  • 53 percent look up store locations
  • 37 percent locate a store that carries a particular product
  • 70 percent will make a purchase in-store
  • 60 percent have used location information in ads


Adding Location to your advertising can increase the ROI for your campaigns. Targeting content and Ads with Location of presence or Area of interest, can help you place your ads in a context that increases the local searchers interest. Here are some of the ways you can target users based on location targeting.

Target Users on AdWords based on Geo-location

AdWords allows you to specify whether to show your ads to users by their physical Location of Presence (LOP) or by their Area of Interest (AOI). Location targeting in your campaign can also be done with Radius Targeting that allows you to define your target audience for a select radius.  In one of the Case Studies shared by MOZ, the clicks from locally targeted campaigns increased by nearly 8X.


Target Shoppers With Local Awareness Ads on Facebook

Facebook Local Awareness Ads target users based on geographic locations.  As high as 60 percent of shoppers turn to Facebook to look for information prior to visiting a store.  Creating a Location awareness ad is easy. You can create ads right from your Facebook Page via the Promote button on the top right-hand corner. Target Back To School shoppers with an engaging message to drive In-Store traffic in the target location. You can choose Local Awareness as a campaign objective in Power Editor.




Target Users Based On Geographic location With Custom Audiences 

With targeting on Facebook, the additional fields on Facebook allow users to reach the target audience based on fields that allow advertisers to target Website Custom audiences based on Location. This can be used to create lookalike audiences in any region that you wish to target.

facebook-custom-audience-attributes facebook-custom-audience

With Advanced Matching Pixel, advertisers can retarget audiences effectively. Adding an Advanced Pixel, has shown during a beta,  an increase of over-10-percent  in attributed conversions and a 20-percent increase in reach. To add Advanced Pixel, here is a useful guide  for better match rates on the Facebook pixel.

Increase Click-through Rate with Location Extensions on Bing



Bing Ads insights shows that 60 percent of the mobile users are searching online prior to an In-store visit and adding Location Extensions increases click-through by 7 to 10 percent.