Sizzling Summer Campaigns On Social

Pepsi’s Emoji campaign #SayItWithPepsi makes Emojis the new way to express. To find the right way to express themselves, consumers will have over 200 Emojis to choose from. A contest targeted at younger audiences, gives a chance to go to the VMAs by snapping a pic with all three Pepsimoji bottles and hashtags #SayitWithPepsi and #Entry. A campaign targeted at the teens has Sweepstakes that is co-promoted with Little Caesars #SayItWithPepsi has a cash prize. The Facebook videos feature interactive content #ThrillofTheGame. With Interactive Content and Emoji contests Pepsi has lined up a Winning game.


KFC’s Summer Campaign On YouTube


KFC’s campaign on YouTube features KFC’s signature $5 and $20 Fill Ups, which are perfect for summer meals and gatherings, making the creative resonate within a context. KFC launched the campaign early in July with four spots, that consisted of two :30 and two :15 commercials, all of which will air nationally. The ads featured George Hamilton as the Colonel with an exaggerated suntan to emphasize his “extra crispy” character as he combs the beach to share his love of Extra Crispy Chicken with families. KFC has launched the campaign to highlight the products that are likely to be most popular for Picnics and Summer getaways. The campaign centers around Original Recipe and Extra Crispy. Extra Crispy chicken tenders are the ones with a signature crunch to give special crunchy flavor that makes it a hit with the audiences. With a creative that builds on the digital persona of Col. Sanders, KFC has other elements tied to the campaign such as the digital comic that can be downloaded from the brand site.


Emojis with Product led advertising build an emotional connect and at the same time present a moment of entertainment that can be further extended to Social media. With newer ways to express, audiences find the campaign more engaging. #SayItWithPepsi Campaign has earned 7 Million impressions in two days.

Characters often build your Brands’ Story in a more memorable manner and using characters can create a better resonance. Brand Storytelling differs from Branding which can be best described as “A distinctive set of characteristics and crafting stories across a variety of mediums that communicate and contextualize those characteristics in unique and immersive ways.” In KFC and Pepsi’s campaign The characters enliven the brand story in audiences lives. The characters in the campaigns are used by brands to give a unique consumer experience.

Humor works at building memorability as seen from research. “We observe a strong relationship between humor and impact because humor can drive involvement, which drives memorability.” Using Characters in a humorous situation with Digital engagement that younger audiences find entertaining is likely to be amplified.

Surprise your customers such as find a Pepsimoji bottle with a Pizza Emoji to win a free Pizza.