Autumn “Always A Good Time”

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Fall campaigns are right for brands to reconnect with audiences at a time when the target group is looking forward to new celebrations and newer trends post the summer holidays. Campaign tonality for summer season centers around freshness and refreshing flavors and the overall mood is breezy and light. Your Fall Campaign can be an eclectic mix of fall trends, colors and gimmicks that are likely to create preference with your audience.

Brands can use the fall campaign to re-connect with the target group in the following ways:

Topical Brand Campaigns

Publish an Autumn Lookbook. An Autumn lookbook centers and features a style guide that users are more likely to find the right trend that prepares them for taking on the Winter Style guide without being seen as a newbie or a distant onlooker. Your target audience is looking forward to the new vibe. Being ready with the new Lookbook and campaign keywords ahead of the season is likely to make your brand topical.

Publish Exclusive Fall Deals

Do not Switch-off after a successful summer sales period. Enlist your audiences favorite for the fall season, that your audiences are likely to come back to your site, post Back To School sales and offer exclusive deals from time to time.

Launch an Exclusive Fall Season Flavor

Starbucks with Pumpkin Spice Latte started a PSL Orange Sleeve club that made the rewards ubiquitous with a fall favorite. Target group latched on to the idea of orange sleeve, to belong to a club that was ubiquitous with Starbucks PSL club members. An exclusive reward positioned to symbolize a fall favorite with an Orange color and a desirable latte flavor made the seasonal campaign a hit.

Ready with your Gimmicks

Starbucks goes a step further that creates a unique bond with the audiences with testy gimmicks. Getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte from the counter will not be as fun as it is when accompanied by a host of rewards that came in the exclusive member pack.

Oreo and M&Ms seasonal packs play on the flavors with names such as “BOOterscotch” that make them a resounding favourite with younger audiences.

Gimmicks that win target audiences usually have a viral appeal that make the trend shareable, creating opt-ins beyond your engaged target group. This viral appeal can be achieved by giveaways or by a simple twist in the way you share your social media posts. A trendy way of sharing social media posts can be seen in the way Nordstrom packages its social media posts with single phrases or words that symbolize a popular trend.

Leverage Momentology

For every Fall moment there are moments that audiences can connect with your brand. Get your Brand content ready for each moment or trend that users and audiences are turning to social media to share their joy or excitement for. Do not miss out on Columbus Day, National Coffee Day and First Day of Fall.

Harness UGC with Contests

Contests are evergreen with social media enthusiasts with most brands reporting an upsurge in their brand followers post every user generated contest. In the most recent example shared by Mobile Marketer, Honest Tea a campaign for Coca-Cola’s tea brand saw an uptick of 15.6 percent in social media followers for a contest #RefreshinglyHonest.