Say Cheese To The Power of Promotion

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September 5 is National Cheese Pizza Day. Leading Pizza brands are no stranger to the Power of Promotion. Pizza Brands ring in the promotional and brand loyalty by sponsoring Sports Events, offering gift cards that allow fans to enjoy Free Pizza for a year as well as adding Omni-channel capabilities. Now, with National Cheese Pizza Day Fans have reasons to say Cheese.

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Nurturing the Fans’ enthusiasm for the sport, Papa John’s Pizza tweets and targets regularly during the events. Domino’s announced a Free Medium Pizza for carry-out orders.

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The game for the cheesy bite seems to be getting tougher. Enter, The Power of promotion.

Here’s what advertisers and Marketer’s need to know

As high as 25 percent of the Millennial audience determine their purchases based on Promotion emails and Social Media.

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Millennials Purchase Decision

User Generated Content and Promotional offers are the leading factors that influence the Digital shopping behaviour according to a survey of 22,000 respondents carried out by PWC among US, 18 + Millennials. Promotional Loyalty Communications are most preferred via SMS, email and App notifications.


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