Five Content Marketing Ideas For Holiday Season

Generating awareness with existing fans and followers for new launches and campaigns that require users to interact with your products increases engagement and conversions. Highlighting offers with a call to action increases awareness, and brings in the required click-through rate. Create a sense of urgency with your messages.


Engage your audience with content ideas that resonate with them in the context. Offering a freebie during the holiday season deepens the emotional bond with your brand. Include images and content for seasonal packs.



Start a series that creates an ongoing engagement with shoppers that start shopping early. This can be done with Early bird offers and clever ways to prepare for seasonal celebrations. The type of content that works for different content Genre based on a study of over a million posts by Buzzsumo and the results you can expect by way of traffic generation varies. Choose the type of content that works for your category.


Start with User Generated Campaigns that are likely to generate participation.


Co-publishing content increases the chance of content discovery. Co-branding Content with publishers increases the engagement by nearly 8X.