Key Insights From Holiday Season Campaigns

The traffic for Retail eCommerce sales during holiday season is nearly 50 percent mobile. Getting your campaign ready for mobile users, you cannot ignore the Top 25 properties that mobile users flock to during the holiday season. Here is a snapshot of top sites that users access by Mobile vis-a-vis, computers as well as the time spent, as per the Digital Usage Trend report for the month of December by IAB.


Facebook is the leading web property as per the comScore US Media Metrix Multi-platform research for December 2015. Google sites are the leading Go-to sites for Internet users on Computers. Nearly 70 percent of the time spent on Facebook is on Mobile.


Here are the key insights from note-worthy social media campaigns for Holiday Season.

Target Launches The Holiday Odyssey

Target followed a Storytelling approach engaging audiences with a brand experience titled Adventure, where three kids and Bullseye set on a  quest to light up a Giant tree, set in a magical forest. In another video, Target introduced Free shipping and returns with a   story where the adventure is Set on the Whipped Cream Sea, with LEGO pirate ships carrying precious holiday cargo. Target  boosted the viewer engagement with Free Digital Storybook spot “The Holiday Odyssey” featuring the epic adventure. In the  spot titled Undercover, the gang went past the Stormtroopers, through a maze of giant presents as the  quest to light the ridiculously giant tree continued. Target began the Holiday marketing effort,   with first Chapter titled “The Journey Begins”.

Key Takeaway: Engaging experiences targeted at an audience with storytelling approach requires more than a single post or video for audiences to discover the content. Creating an experience that helps audiences discover about your offers and products with a video makes for more interactions, repeat visits and conversions.


Febreze Lightens Up The Mood 

With the holiday season advertising being all about miracles, wishlists and Stocking Stuffers, Febreze  created a humorous campaign that is likely to be noticed, much like the Ugly Sweaters for its unmarketing.

Febreze, a Proctor and Gamble brand took 12 Days of Christmas to the level of a parody by introducing 12 Stinks of Christmas.  Lynch and Morrison premiered their music video during the Febreze #12Stinks of Christmas Party – ugly Christmas sweaters all – at LightBox. Attendees could sing along to the kitschy tune and learn that they can be guest-ready all season long with Febreze through interactive product demos.

Febreze  reinvented the classic holiday tune, “The 12 Days of Christmas,” to showcase the stinks of the season and how to stay guest ready, with the debut of “The #12Stinks of Christmas” starring the hilarious duo, Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison.


Febreze boasts a line of products with freshness capabilities that range from ridding of pet odors and tackling sweat stink to decorating the home with scent and freshening on the go and introduced a limited edition holiday line. Febreze continues to be one of the fastest growing brands in P&G’s portfolio of household brands and bring innovative products to market. Fresh air is an essential and basic human right, and that the air we breathe can give us “fresh starts.”

Key Takeaway: When you need your advertising to break through the clutter, unmarketing may get your brand noticed with a campaign that brings out the unusual.
Macy’s Make-A-Wish

Macy’s Make-A-Wish Campaign wove Christmas Magic with a Wish-writer pen that brings magic to unusual situations that makes Christmas look magical. “The star of the commercial is the magic pen, and we were trying to find another way to get engagement — this idea of gamification is the way to do it,” said Martine Reardon, CMO of Macy’s. “It’s our twist of bringing something traditional and nostalgic to the modern way the generations of today work, which is on mobile devices and through apps.”

Key Takeaway: Making Audiences nostalgic is a way of capturing audience interest and launching your campaign when audiences start looking for gift ideas can help you strike the right chord.
Walmart’s Retailtainment

Walmart  followed a retailtainment strategy  introducing Musical scores for Christmas by Craig Robinson that features number of videos  with gifts targeted at different audience segments.

Key Takeaway: As important as it is to have gifting ideas for a valued shopper, it is equally important to present the ideas in a context audiences find engaging and relatable.


Kohl’s All Together Now

Kohl’s All Together Now campaign featured gifts  for the whole family, with exclusive deals featured on Social Media Channels.

Key Takeaway: Kohl’s All Together Now Campaign set the tone for entertaining during Holiday Season where the positioning of “Everything for Entertaining Everyone” made holiday season gift shopping and entertaining seem stress-free. Kohl’s  successfully used All Together Now to position the discounts it has on offer for the season.