Key Insights From Holiday Shopping Research

Based on research among tens of thousands of shoppers, carried out in December 2015, here are the key insights for marketers and advertisers for Holiday season 2016.

  • Promotions play a role in influencing purchases – As high as 38 percent consumers sign up for retailer’s newsletters and as high as 35 percent search on the retailer’s website for discounts or coupons.


Takeaway – Ensure that you have a sign up form for newsletters and your offers and coupons are advertised prominently as well as discoverable on your website. Given the high incidence of Mobile traffic, target deals and coupons for mobile searchers and optimize your emails for mobile audiences.

  • Free Shipping and discounts are the biggest draw, however Free Returns Shipping is a big draw too.


Takeaway – Free returns shipping will help you target first time purchasers and risk averse audiences.

  • On-Time Delivery is important for Customer satisfaction. Delivery Delays lead to a decline in satisfaction and diminish likelihood to recommend.


Takeaway – Do not over-promise as delays in delivery can lead to an overall decline in satisfaction and negative word of mouth can hurt your brand.

  • One-day and two- day shipping orders were the least likely to be delivered on- time. The brands need to be prepared for expedited delivery options.


Takeaway – Offer “Order online and Pick Up In-store” as an option to shoppers so that their plans are not hampered by any unnecessary delays and prevent any remorse and negative word of mouth.

  • Bizrate Predicts nearly 40 percent of orders will be made on Mobile.


Takeaway – Prioritize a Seamless mobile checkout experience. Optimize browsing experience across devices. Advertisers can also plan for cross device targeting and offer seamless experience across devices.

  • Mobile users compare  prices and read reviews in addition to making purchases.

screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-1-46-08-pmTakeaway – Make Prices and product and store review visible for Mobile users with Mobile responsive designs. With a mobile optimized experience, brands can target cross-device users throughout the buyer journey.

  • Nearly 58 percent of Holiday Shopper use a phone that is capable of accessing Apple Pay (36 Percent) or Samsung Galaxy (22 Percent).



Takeaway – Support Mobile payments  for mobile users intending to use newer payment technology.

For more information, Click hereBizrate Annual Holiday Study was conducted among N=18,009 online shoppers in the US and Canada, collected between Nov 1, 2015 – December 31, 2015

Source: Connexity