Key Findings From Nielsen’s Total Audience Report

According to Nielsen’s Total Audience report, though the time spent on TV has remained consistently high, the number of channels viewed has declined. According to the report, “Average television channels viewed has flattened or decreased slightly from prior years. This suggests a change in choice order as channels that were once viewed are being replaced by other sources. ”


Nielsen’s Total Audience report shows that in the second quarter of 2016, consumers visited 55 PC sites and used 28 smartphone apps, compared to 20 TV channels viewed. There are more PC sites visited than the channels viewed. At the same time the Smartphone site visits increase mirrors the decrease in PC sites visit.

As the choice is narrowed, with fewer channels to choose from than last year, the percentage of channels viewed remained consistent over last year. The number of average radio stations tuned in increased slightly with a greater choice of channels available.


PCs and Smartphones boast the highest average time spent among all devices. On average, adults visit about 55 websites via PC, use 28 apps and visit 44 sites via smartphone, and use 14 apps via tablet, according to the report. Of all the time spent, Adults still spend the most time watching TV, as the average adult spends more than four hours each day watching live TV.


Even though options like SVOD are gaining in popularity, consumers with access to a mixture of traditional and newer platforms tend to favor a combination of all options.

Across all demographics, TV homes with SVOD watch only one less channel than their respective national averages. this could be on account of the fact that consumers in homes with access to SVOD tend to be younger and have higher incomes, both of which watch less television, and consequently, access fewer channels. This includes the all-important 18-34 age group, which watches an average of 14.9 channels, compared with 14.3 channels in homes with SVOD access.


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