Lay’s Flavor Swap Interactive Campaign Yields Results

Flavor Swap campaign for Lay’s on Instagram, yielded results for Frito-Lay North America by increasing the reach for the campaign, lowering the cost and increasing the sales. The interactive campaign on Instagram brought about an increase in in-store sales. The use of Instagram in its campaign increased the reach for the advertiser by 5 percent, lowered its CPM by 3 percent and drove a 5 percent sales lift compared to when it ran a campaign on Facebook only.

“Running our Flavor Swap campaign across Instagram and Facebook and Instagram proved a powerful punch in our ability to build awareness on mobile for new chip flavors and ultimately drive sales,” says Atin Kulkarni, Senior Director, Portfolio Strategy, Frito-Lay North America.


Instagram is popular for Online campaigns, according to an Instagram blog post, for nearly 700 campaigns, 98 percent generated significant lifts in ad recall—2.8X higher than Nielsen norms. And 70 percent of performance campaigns generated statistically significant lifts for online conversions or mobile app installs. Instagram is also known to produce results in the offline world, with increase in In-store sales and Household penetration, according to a study by Datalogix.

The interactive campaign run by Frito-Lay let the users decide which flavors to go for in comparison with the existing flavors. Building an Interactive content format engaged users on the go. To design interactive content for your brand, here are some important tips:

Keep your Text brief and bite sized
Build the experience for storytelling, to increase the audience participation.
Tailor the copy for your audience.
Brand Voice and Personality should be central to your posts.
Make your content unique and stylized, for users to pay attention to your posts.