Facebook’s Campaign Planner Predicts Reach and Frequency

Facebook Campaign Planner a new tool for advertisers lets you predict reach for your campaign.With Campaign planner you can create versions of media plan to understand which  version helps you meet your targets.campaign-managerIn addition to being able to predict reach for different budgets, you can arrive at estimated reach for your campaign by varying the budgets for each campaign. By adding the budget and campaign duration, you can arrive at estimated reach and frequency for your campaign.

Each media plan can have up to six versions. Each version gives details based on budgets, schedules, audiences, placements, and ad impressions per day to better understand the potential reach and frequency of your campaigns.

Based on predictions of reach and frequency you can determine which media plan works best for you.


Now with Facebook planner you can not only see the reach of the campaign and the budget required to obtain the reach, You can also estimate the budget required for the targeted reach, within a specified timeframe.

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