5 Surprising Findings About Mobile Advertising


According to eMarketer research based on Verve Mobile survey among 3000 respondents, aged 14-29 years old, here are five surprising findings:

As high as 46 percent of the respondents wanted to save the ad for later use. Among the 3000 respondents surveyed, the ability to save the ad for later use came out as the top criterion for the perfect mobile ad.Adding a coupon offer to the mobile wallet was stated by 40 percent as one of the key contributor towards a mobile ad.

Nearly a third of the respondents wanted the ad to be easily shared. The ease of sharing the ad came out to be as important as the ability to shop directly from the ad.

Nearly 39 percent said they wanted the ad to be customized for products that they buy whereas fewer 23 percent wanted the perfect ad to be relevant in terms of proximity and location.

According to ad research Mobile users preferred ad scrollers in comparison with expandable banners. On all key metrics including Brand Favorability and Purchase Intent, Ad Scrollers performed better than expandable banners.


Nearly a third of respondents wanted the ability to shop directly from the ad. A quarter of respondents wanted interactive and engaging elements in an ideal ad.