5 Key Stats About Visual Content and Purchase Behavior

According to a report by Power Reviews Visual Content influences purchase behavior. Here are five key stats from the report “Snapshot for Ecommerce“.

Key Stat One

81 percent of those age 18-29 say they regularly or always seek out visual content, compared to 72 percent of consumers of all ages, prior to making a purchase.


Key Stat Two

88 percent of consumers look for photos and videos submitted by other consumers and 58 percent of millennials look for photos and videos in reviews.

Key Stat Three

84 percent of 18-29 Years age group are more likely to buy a product that has reviews that feature photos and videos. 47 percent of the same age group are less likely to buy a product that does not have photos and videos shared by other consumers.

Key Stat Four

40 percent consumes want to see photos and videos on the brand’s site while 29 percent want to see similar content on Amazon and 24 percent want to see it on third-party review site.

Key Stat Five

Most people, as high as 50 percent, start looking for the visual content on Google. Amazon at 26 percent is the second most popular place for seeking visual content.

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