Five Steps To Measure Social Media Success

Keeping track of your brand’s social media success on monthly basis, can help you understand your brand’s performance to ensure that you achieve your social media goals.


Start with a Snapshot

Start measuring the performance of social media engagement across channels. Start with a complete snapshot of  your performance across channels, covering the following attributes:

Total Audience Size, Engagements, Engagement as a percentage of Audience, Number of mentions and Potential Audience Reach.


Focus on Goals

Measure the performance of each channel for the goals. If your goal is to increase site visits , measure the performance of each channel for the goal. Map the performance of key metrics with month on month activity to know which campaigns and channel help you achieve the goals.

Zero in On Key Initiatives

Identify which initiatives give you the best results. Map the performance for each key initiative.  In an example below shared by Simply Measured, the performance for Influencer Marketing campaign is mapped to see the campaign performance.


Track Social Media Performance Over Time

As  important as it is to get social media performance Snapshot, it is equally important to track performance over time. Look at audience growth, engagement rate as well as mentions for each channel over a time period.


Identify Opportunities

Look at the Social Media report to understand key trends and monitor for any opportunities that exist within the paid and earned media space. A good way to identify opportunities is to look at category level keywords and see your brands performance for them. Make changes wherever required to optimize performance for the top performing keywords on social media channels.