Ten Steps To Your Social Media Campaign For Holiday Season

socialmedia1Planning your Holiday Season Social Media Campaign can engage users and help you achieve your Social Media goals during Holiday Season.

According to a survey in 2015, as high as 51 percent  users turned to Social Media for Gift Ideas. Nearly half the users look for Discounts, Coupons and sale information on Social Media.

With the growing importance of Social Media in the buyer journey, It’s important for brands to be ready with  a social media plan that brings measurable results.


Start with Your Objectives

Objectives are the overarching reason for your campaign. The objective for your Holiday Campaign are often linked to your business objectives.

Objectives can vary drastically from brand to brand, and industry to industry. For example, some brands want to tailor their holiday campaigns to increase customer retention, while others are focused on amplifying reach in the marketplace. Whatever your objective is, set it and let it be the guiding principle behind the rest of your campaign plan.

An example of Objective can be :

” Increase awareness, reputation and goodwill for Brand X on social media”


Create Your Goals

Next step is creating goals that are mapped to your overall objective. Goals are the building blocks for your campaign. They are

• Specific (simple, sensible, significant).

• Measurable (meaningful, motivating).

• Achievable (agreed, attainable).

• Relevant (reasonable, realistic and  results-based).

• Time bound (time-based, time limited, time/cost limited, timely, time-sensitive)

Create a Plan

Your plan should include

Goals    Audience Breakdown   Content Requests    Timeline      Budget   Measurement Plan

Write down the content marketing plan giving details for each of the elements as far as possible.

Make a Campaign Brief

To ensure consistency in message make a campaign brief document, so that all key stakeholders are aligned. Outline the key factors  that are likely to contribute to the success of your campaign. Include Remarketing activities to ensure all audiences are reached on social media channels.


Create a Tracking Document

Enlist all the key initiatives for your Holiday Campaign  and create a tracking document for all content elements , including Blog, Website, Social Media and Email. Use a tracking document that details all activities, responsibility and weekly completion of activities. Monitor and track roll-out of activities to ensure timely roll-out.

Identify KPIs For Measurement

Measure your performance on different social media channels with KPIs that are most relevant. Monitor performance across channels, even if  you are focusing on one or two channels.


Hashtag Monitoring

To leverage the conversation surrounding the key topics start with hashtag monitoring. Track your campaign  Hashtag for the goals you want to achieve. Monitor earned impressions for your Hashtag. Find Top influencers around your hashtag. Once you know the conversation surrounding your Hashtag and other trending hashtag you can optimize content for Brand Awareness goal.

Monitor Earned Mentions 

Track earned mentions for your brand. As important as it is that your content is liked, it’s equally important that your content is shared. Create a report to understand the profile of        audience that  is interacting and  sharing your content.

Create a Reporting Cadence

Analyze your performance at regular intervals to  understand performance of your campaigns and measure achievement rate for goals.

Summarize Results

Create a summary of results to see the achievement of results vis-a-vis the goals. How many audiences did you reach? How many new followers did you gain? What kind of lift in conversation were you able to generate?


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